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that trafficking also goes on right here in the united states. it is the migrant worker unable to pay off the debt to his trafficker, the man here with a promise of a job, his documents taken and forced to work endless hours in the kitchen, the teenage girl beaten, forced to walk the streets. this should not be happening in the united states. as president i directed my administration to step up efforts, and we have. for the first time, our annual trafficking report now includes the united states, because we cannot ask other nations to do what we are not doing ourselves. we have expanded our task force to include more federal partners, including the fbi. the intelligence community is devoting more resources to identify networks, which have strengthened protections so workers know their rights. most of all, we are going after the traffickers.
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new anti-trafficking teams are dismantling their networks. we're putting them where they belong, behind bars. but with more than 20 million victims around the world -- more than 20 million -- we have a lot more to do. that is why this year i directed my administration to increase efforts, and today i can announce a series of additional steps we will take. we will do more to spot it and stop it. we will prepare a new assessment of human trafficking in united states so we understand the scope and scale of the problem. we will strengthen training so investigators and law
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enforcement are better equipped to take action and treat victims as victims, not as criminals. we will work with amtrak and bus and truck inspectors so they are on the lookout. we will help educators spot the signs as well and better serve those who are vulnerable. we are turning the tables on the traffickers. as they are using the internet to export their victims, we will use technology to stop them. we will do more to help victims recover and rebuild their lives. people will develop a new plan to improve coordination across
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the federal government. we will increase access to services to help survivors become self-sufficient. we will work to simplify the set procedures so that innocent victims from other countries can stay here as they help us prosecute traffickers. my office of faith-based partnerships will make the fight against trafficking a focus of its work, and i am proud -- they are doing great work. i am proud to announce a new partnership with humanity united, which is a leader in anti-trafficking, a multi- million dollar challenge to local communities to find new ways to care for victims. i want to thank johns hopkins university, which will focus on how to best care for child victims. finally, as one of the largest purchasers of goods and services in the world, the
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united states government will lead by an example. we have taken steps to make sure our contractors do not engage in forced labor, and we will go further. i have signed a new executive order that raises the bar, that is specific about the prohibitions, and we're making clear that american tax dollars must never ever be used to support the trafficking of human beings. we will have zero tolerance. we mean what we say. we will enforce it. no government can meet this challenge alone. everybody has a responsibility. every nation can take action. modern anti-trafficking laws must be passed and enforced. victims must be cared for.
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the united states congress should renew the trafficking victims protection act. this is a no-brainer. we need to get that down. -- get that done. as nations, let's recommit to addressing the underlying forces that pushed so many into bondage in the first place. with development and economic growth that creates legitimate jobs, there is less likelihood of indentured servitude around the globe. a sense of justice that says no child should ever be exported -- that should be burnt into the cultures of every country. a commitment to equality, as in the equal futures partnership we launched with other nations yesterday, so countries can empower our sisters and daughters. every business can take action.
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all the business leaders here, companies have the responsibility to make sure that their supply chains are free of forced labor. the good news is more responsible companies are holding themselves to a higher standard. i want to salute the new commitments that are being made. this includes the new business global coalition against trafficking. human trafficking is a crime, and we will stop it. we are proud of them. every faith community can take action as well, by educating their congregations, by joining
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in coalitions that are bound by a love of god and the concern for the oppressed. like the good samaritan on the road to jericho, we cannot just pass by indifferent. we got to be moved by compassion. we got to bind up the wounds. we are our brothers' keepers, and we are our sisters' keepers. every citizen can take action by learning more, going to the website we helped create,, by standing up against the degradation and abuse of women. that is how real change happens, from the bottom up. if you doubt that, asked marie from the congo about her story.
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she was kidnapped by rebels, turned into a slave. she was abused, physically and sexually. they got her pregnant five times. in one awful battle, all five of her children were killed. miraculously, she survived and escaped. with care and support she began to heal, and she learned to read and write and sew, and now she is back home learning a new future. ask another who grew up in indonesia and at 17 was given the opportunity to work as a nanny, but when she arrived it was a nightmare. cooking, cleaning, 18-hour days, seven days a week. when her beating was so bad, it sent her to the emergency room.
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finally she escaped with help from a group that cared, and she now has a stable job, and she is an advocate. she has testified before congress. or ask sheila white, who grew up in the bronx, fleeing an abusive home. a man sold her when she was 15 years old. men raped her. finally, after years with the help of a non-profit led by other survivors, she found the courage to break free and get the services she needed. sheila earned her ged. she helped pass an anti- trafficking law here in new york.
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these women endured unspeakable horror, but in their unbreakable will, in their courage, in their resilience, they remind us the cycle can be broken. victims can become not only survivors, but leaders and advocates and bring about change. i just met some of these women and their advocates, and i have to tell you they are an incredible inspiration. they are here, they have chosen to tell their stories, and i want them to stand and be recognized because they are inspiring all of us. please. [applause]
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to each of you, in the darkest hours of your lives, you may have felt utterly alone and it seemed like nobody cared. and the important thing for us to understand is there are millions around the world who are feeling that same way this very moment. right now there is a man on a boat casting a net with his bleeding hands, knowing he deserves a better life, a life of dignity, but does not know if anybody is paying attention. right now there is a woman hunched over a sewing machine, glancing beyond the bars on the window, knowing that just given the chance she might someday
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sell her own wares, but she does not think anybody is paying attention. another is a boy carrying his load, thinking if he could just go to school, he might know a different future, but he does not think anybody is paying attention. right now there is a girl somewhere trapped in a brothel, crying herself to sleep again, and maybe daring to imagine that someday maybe she might be treated not like a piece of property, but as a human being. our message to them is to millions around the world, we see you. we hear you. we insist on your dignity, and we share your belief that if just given the chance you will forge a life equal to your talents and worthy of your dreams.
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[applause] our fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights causes of our time, and the united states will continue to lead it in partnership with you. the change we seek will not come easy. we can draw strength from the movements of the past. we know every life saved, in the words of that great proclamation, is an act of justice, worthy of the considered judgment of mankind and the gracious favor of almighty god. that is what we believe. that is what we are fighting for. i am so proud to be in partnership with cgi to make this happen. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. god bless america. [applause]
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>> mitt romney knee and his running mate speech today in ohio. this is about 40 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome united states senator and the next vice president and president of the united states, paul ryan and mitt romney. ♪ ♪ >> montgomery county! are you ready to win? >> yes. >> are you ready for a brighter
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future for your family, for our state, for our country? >> you are in the right place. we are going to win this race because everybody is working their hearts out, aren't you? and we have a terrific organization in montgomery county and miami valley but we need your help. how many have made a phone call, put up a sign or gone door to door? god bless you. we need you to do more. there goes a sign right there. we need you to do more. i'm told there are absentee ballot applications here. how many have already gotten your absentee ballot applications? as chairman of the campaign in their the best thing we can do is bank votes. so vote absentee and be sure to get the word out and folks you go to church with, people you see in your neighborhood who may or may not want to vote.
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tell them we need their vote. ready to do that? >> yeah. >> thank you. look, here in the miami valley and dayton we have had some tough times. i went through a closed plant on the way in. i think of the delphi workers. there are 1,000 dell if i workers left behind by the obam administration. it was unfair, wasn't it? it was part of the way they did the auto bailout. not fair to the workers here in the miami valley and was not fair to workers all around our country. those delphi workers deserve our support, don't they? >> yeah. >> i look at the fact they were working through the weakest economic recovery since the great depression. it was not just delphi workers left behind. yet the president of the united states says i deserve re- election because my economic policies are working. >> boo! >> he says pass this stimulus package and unemployment will b 50% lower than it is today.
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does it sound like it is working to you? it doesn't sound like it to the four million workers that don't have a job. talk about the health care bill. he said let me jam this obama care through the united states congress and healthcare costs will go down $2,500 per family. instead they have gone up $2,500 per family. is it working? >> no. >> he said if he was elected he would cut the deficit in half. remember that one? it has been another trillion dollar deficit four in a row. that is 50% higher. is it working? >> no. >> it's not working and it is worse than that. the poverty rate is high. food stamps have gone up 50%. is it working? 4,300 dollars cut in take-home pay. is it working?
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>> no. >> here is the good news. help is on the way. >> yeah! >> mitt romney and paul ryan have the experience and record and they have the public policy plans to put america back to work. before we give a warm miami valley welcome to the next president and vice president of the united states i want you to give a warm welcome to a colleague of mine and friend who snuck across the border from kentucky today. he is a doctor who understands the dangers of obama care. he is a fiscal conservative who understands the nature of the record debts and deficits and understands they are a danger to our country and kids. finally, folks, he is someone who believes that we can not
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afford another four years of this. ladies and gentlemen, i give you mr. paul. >> anybody think it is time for a new president? >> anybody here think like i do that obama care is still unconstitutional? >> yeah. >> anybody here offended and mortified to see people around the world burning the american flag? >> yeah! >> president obama's response? send them more money. >> boo! >> they are attacking our embassies, burning our flag, torturing and imprisoning the man who helped us get bin laden. what is president obama's answer?
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send more of your money. >> boo! >> do you remember when the president kind of sidled up to the russians and winked and said talk to me after the election? anybody here worried about that? >> yeah! >> here we have the president, you have to imagine you have seen the restrained barack obama so far. obama care is the restrained version. anybody worried about the unrestrained version? >> yeah! >> the restrained barack obama has given you $6 trillion in new debt. can you imagine what the unrestrained obama might do? he has given you tens of thousands of pages of new regulations. can you imagine what the unrestrained obama will do? there is a real and significant
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difference in visions between president obama and governor romney and congressman ryan. this is really what this election is about. it's not about specific tax rates or a specific law. it is about the vision for our country. it is about whether or not you still believe, do we believe that any of us or any of our children, regardless of where you came from, who you are, what color your skin is or what your race or religion is, that anyone can climb that ladder to success in america. >> yeah. >> if we still believe in that, that is what this is about. everywhere you go you hear the president say he is going to get those people. he blames somebody for unemployment but it is not his fault. it is never his doing. it is still george bush's fault four years later. when i think about give romney i think about someone who has held office but i think about
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his success in other areas. i want somebody had has been a successful businessman, or woman. i want somebody who has been successful turning around the olympics, someone who is not the traditional politician. we need new ideas and i'm proud to be here to introduce the team of governor romney and congressman paul ryan. >> i appreciate it. thanks, buddy. >> o.h. >> ohio. >> works every time. i got my lucky buckeye. rob portman gave me this lucky buckeye. it means we are going to win ohio. the other reason we are going to win ohio, we are going to give you our fellow citizens a clear choice.
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we owe you that. you see, our choice is do we stay on the same path we are on, the one that obama put us on, a nation in debt, in doubt and decline, or do we reclaim the founding principles and get the country back on the right track? >> yeah! >> after four years the recovery that president obama promised is nowhere in sight. he said if he just could borrow a bunch of money and spend it on his friends unemployment would never get above 8%. it has been above 8% for 43 months. we had 23 million americans struggling to find work, 15% of our fellow countrymen and women
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are in poverty today. president obama, the economy is barely growing, he's run out of ideas and just the other day on tv he said that he can't change washington from the inside. why do we send presidents to washington in the first place? isn't that what we are supposed to do? don't we send them with a message to washington? if he can't change washington we need to change presidents and we need to elect this man the next president of the united states. the choice before us is very clear. we are offering real reforms for a real recovery. we cannot afford four more years of president obama's failed policies. what mitt romney is offering, what we are saying is, here are big ideas, big solutions, that are designed to get people back to work.
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proven policies to get our country back on track. number one, right here in ohio all across america we have a lot of our own energy. let's go get that energy and use it and get people back to work. gas, oil, coal all of the above. it is here, it is ours. you know he is going to do -- he is when you say yes to the keystone pipeline so we can get the oil coming to our country. number two, you know, in our state, and our midwestern manufacturing states, we have lost a lot of work. a lot of people in the prime of their lives, they are in between -- delphi is a great example.
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to get back into a career of the 21st century so that american dreams can be placed back within their reach. we need to fix our schools. we need to honor the parents and the children, and not the special interests standing in the way of the education reforms. we need trade that works for america so we can make more things in america, sell them overseas. but there's one thing that the four of us have talked about, we have worked on. it is a really simple idea. we cannot keep spending money we just do not have. we have got to balance the budget. we have got to get the debt under control. it is our duty to save the american dream for our children and grandchildren, and saved it for our economy today. we also have to remember, let us never forget this, that most of our jobs in this country, from
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those small businesses in this country, from those successful small businesses in this country. we need to reform our taxes, the jury ignores the idea that if you have a small business, you built that -- we need to recognize the idea that if you have a small business, you built about small business. friends, the obama's economic agenda failed not because it was stopped, but because it passed. but us not forget, that in his first two years, yet total control of government. have you ever heard of harry reid? i will take that as a yes. he got almost everything he wanted. and then the next two years he spent regulating. this is killing jobs. this is plaguing our businesses with uncertainty. we have specific ideas and
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plans to create 12 million jobs, to get job security, to get better take- home pay, to get people back on the path of opportunity. you see, we know that the genius of this country is the worker. it is the small business person. the on trooper more. it is not our government. -- is the entrepreneur. it is not our government. after four years of getting the runaround, what america needs is a turnaround. and this is the man who knows how to do turnarounds. [applause] you know what we also believe? and especially here in dayton? we believe in peace through strength. that means not getting our military. not shutting down the lineup.
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that means a peace through strength doctrine. i see army right there. i saw a navy guy over there. and i see someone from air force here. thank you for your service. we will honor you and we will have a strong national security. and that means job security in ohio as well. [applause] this is the moment where the moment and of the man our meeting. we need leadership. we need someone who will be honest with our problems. who will not blame other people for the next four years, who will take responsibility. but will actually fix things. that is this man right here. when his country calls and they ask them to save -- you left what he was doing and he saved it. this is a man who knows how the
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economy works because he has created over 10,000 jobs. you know what, by the way, i think it is a good thing that he is a successful businessman. being successful in business is something that we want. we are proud of people's success. we want more of success in this country. [applause] when this man was governor -- >> romney! romney! >> and as governor, when this man was governor, he did not blame, he did not duck, he did not demagogue, he got things done. the unemployment went down, the credit rating was improved, household and, went up. he reached across the aisle and balanced the budget without raising taxes.
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that is a kind of leadership we finally need in washington. that is not what we have. and ladies and gentlemen, he is not only succeeded, but he is succeeded where others have not. this president is not succeeding. this president can not run on his record. this president is going to say anything and everything to try to blame, to try to dock, to try to distort, to try to extract, to try to win by default. you know what, ohio? we are not going to let him. we are warned to let mitt romney, the next president of united states. -- we are going to let mitt romney, the next president of united states. ladies and gentlemen, mitt romney. >> wow, that is quite a guy.
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romney-ryan! >> romney-ryan! >> there we go. you know if he does on weekends -- he plays barack obama purity plays him well. we get a chance to debate one another. after the show is over, i want to kick him out of the room. he is so good. but he does not convince me. he says, you beat me again. you beat me again. he likes my arguments. is a better debater but he likes my arguments. where is lee greenwood? i do not know where he is, but i heard him. proud to be an american. thank you, sir. this guy said it right.
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i am proud to be an american. i am proud to be here with so many who served our country. when the contribution that makes our country and has over the years. i have been to that base and met with members there. how many members of the armed services or veterans are here? wow. look at of that. i love that. .ne of our national hymns thank you to our veterans and members of the armed services. [applause] if i am president of united states, and i correct that -- when i am president of united states, i will not cut our military budget or our commitment to keep america's a literary second to none in the world. [applause] this is an election which is a dramatic choice for the american people.
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a question about the soul of america. what is america going to be? we know of course the president has laid out his plan for the next four years. if you watched the convention or read about the speech, you know what he said. he said, we are going to go forward. i think for ward is a better term. but he had no new ideas. he had no new plan for how is going to get the economy going, how you will create jobs. instead, it was a repeat of what he said four years ago. is going to bring the deficit down. of course he did not. he doubled it. he said we would get more people working. his plan is another stimulus. how did that first one to go? how about a hundred billion dollars? how much of that did you get? clunkers. he has won a new idea. one thing he did not do.
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he said he will do in the next four years. he said he will raise taxes. for anyone -- does anyone think raising taxes will help the economy? >> an el. >> the status quo has not worked. we cannot afford four more years of barack obama. his plan and his approach says, fundamentally, the government knows better than you, how to live your life, how to pick winners and losers. how to pick products that have a future. that a group of bureaucrats, of a real smart people working hard, good people at work in washington, but he has the few that somehow know better. so he is going to put them in the most important or one of the most important relationships that you have, the one between you and your doctor. he is going to put government
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between their if he has his way. he wants a government that is more expensive and intrusive. in one ear, putting money into companies that he thought had a bright future, grain companies. he spent $90 billion. $90 billion. and put them into companies that in many cases were owned by campaign contributors of his. this is a vision of government. this is reform. the idea of a larger and larger government taking more from people. including itself and the risch -- relationship with you and your doctor. that is not the america i know not the america that builds ohio not the america that we will perform. [applause] i have an entirely different course. i will restore the principles
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that the founders described when they wrote the declaration of independence. the foundation of this nation said this and our rights -- our rights came from got himself, not from the government. among those rates, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we are free in this nation to pursue happiness as we choose. and now and then there's a person out there that has some idea and goes out and pursues it. not because the government told them to do it but because this idea went into their mind and they are going to go out and try this idea. most ideas to not work, but now and then they really do. and when they do, other people get to work there. if they are successful beyond their dreams, many people get jobs and a great future. that is how our economy works. it is not driven by government, it is driven by free people. if he continues on the road of making it harder for small businesses to grow and thrive,
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he will shortly weaken our economy and turn us into greece, and we must not let it happen. [applause] i know what i am going to do. i am going to restore the principle of free enterprise. the principle of people pursuing their dreams. we are a nation of dreamers. we want our kids to get an education that will give them the skills to dream and build their own future. he just cannot do that. his largest single funding, from the teachers' union -- nothing wrong with the teachers' union -- of the president of united states to be focused on the deeds of the kids, not on the -- on the needs of the kids and not on the needs of the teachers' union. i want to put the kids, teachers, and the parents first, and the union behind. small business. paul ryan said we need to help
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small business. boy, is he right. i wanted these people to make the investment and start opening doors and hiring people. i have seen in the spring rolls across america. it is extraordinary to see what is happening -- i have seen these entrepreneurs across america. -- and because she decided to start her own company. and then she went on to hire 39 more people. and she is heading her company. that is how america works. i met a man in central illinois. jim graduated second in his high-school class. second from the bottom. he said college was not a part of his future. you went to his dad and said would you foot me a loan to start a business together.
6:40 am
he would do the work and his dad would put up the money and they would split its 50/50. he was going to start a food business purity which to buy out one of the food griddles and the ventilation hood. but the time accosted it out, it was a lot more money than he had from his dad. he decided all the could do was make sandwiches. and then he would deliver them to people at work or school or colleges. and now jimmy johns employs 60,000 americans. this is the fundamental question americans have to ask -- do we believe that government bureaucrats are better telling us what kind of health care we ought to have or what insurance we should have? we believe there better telling us was businesses to invest in?
6:41 am
or do we believe that free people following their brains will build a stronger economy? that is what i believe. resident has a plan for small business. the plan for small business. he is going to raise your taxes. i was with a entrepreneur in st. louis. he was an electronics industry purity said my son and i calculated how much tax we send to government. and you know i had a number in mind. and then he went through -- i completed my federal income tax, my federal payroll tax, my state income tax, my state sales tax, gasoline tax and my real estate tax. by the time i add it up, more than half of what we make in my business, we give to government. you think about this -- you think about taking the risk of starting an enterprise that will hire other people, when you know
6:42 am
you haven't even got a 50/50 chance. most small businesses struggle and do not make a. if you are successful, if you make it, the government wants half of what to make. and was the president's plan for small business? raise taxes further. he wants to take the federal income tax rate from 35% to 40%. what that will do is kill jobs. this is a president who was set on a growing government. i am set on growing jobs and raising take-home pay. and we will do it. paul ryan described the five things we are going to do. take advantage of energy. fix schools and printing programs. and i will get back to number 3. never four, we will balance our budget. and number five will world champion small business.
6:43 am
number three, that trade. trade is good for us. the people in ohio consult products anywhere in the world and we can compete with anyone in the world. i am not afraid of trading with other nations. i understand when we trade and when other nations trade on a fair basis, we will compete, we will win it. we will create jobs. but i also understand that when people cheat, that kills jobs. china has succeeded. i will not allow that to continue. [applause] it is not over. how does -- have you pull that off? i will tell you. one way is to artificially hold down the value of your currency. to make sure it does not trade openly around the world. what does that do? i will tell you. it makes your products artificially less expensive. china has devalued its currency 15% to 30%, so their products
6:44 am
will be that much cheaper. they will lose sales. so they have to lay off people. and that has been happening. they have been manipulating, holding down the currency. what else do they do? they steal intellectual property. patents, these signs, know how. even counterfeit our goods. i was with the company in the midwest that said they had undressed rural valves and they are getting warranty claims that were breaking. they have their packaging on it. they had their seal numbers on it. and they realized, they are counterfeit. there have been sold as our product. with our bar codes. and these products are coming into this country being counterfeited overseas. there's an apple stores in china. selling ipad and iphones.
6:45 am
except it is not an apple stores. it is all counterfeit. this has got to stop. they have even hacked into our computers. they have looked at computers of our corporations. this cannot be allowed. we cannot compete with people who do not play fair. i will stop it in its tracks. [applause] i love this country. and i know it is based upon -- this nation as a nation that makes me proud. i love the people of this country. i see folks from all over this great state and all over this great country. i notice going to take -- i know what is going to take to bring this back. it has on every year for four straight years. how in the world can people say they want four or more years of
6:46 am
president obama? we cannot afford four more years of president obama. we will turn this country around and create good jobs around. let me tell you, it matters. it really matters. it matters for 23 million people struggling to get a good job. for the 50% of our college graduates coming out of school but cannot find work. it is like, look of your friends. half of you cannot find work. do not understand where he is taking this country. it matters for the next generation. were we pass along trillion dollar debt. it is immoral for us to pass on debts like that. so, it matters. it also matters for the world. i was lucky enough to be at a poll. few weeks ago. i got to meet with a hero. a world hero. what a guy? a shipyard worker. they executed some 20,000 polish
6:47 am
workers. this is not conjecture. and despite that history, that a man, a shipyard worker, said no to the soviet union. he helped change the world. i sat down and talked to him. i came in to meet with him. he looked at me and said -- must be tired. you sit, i will talk, you listen. he was serious. so, i did. and then he said this -- he said america is the only superpower on the planet. we need american leadership. and then he described in place in the world, the middle east. he said where is american leadership? we need american leadership. and then he would go another place and said -- where is american leadership? this does not mean we send our guns they are cured it means we stand up with our economic power, our diplomatic power, our principles.
6:48 am
we fight for what we believe in. when people in tehran to the streets, we have the people that says something. it means that with the development in the middle east these days, when we have an ambassador assassinated, when we have 20,000 people killed in syria, when we have a muslim brotherhood leader become the new president of egypt, when we have iran moving closer to nuclear weapons. we have president who takes the serious and get us on track. and so, it matters. american leadership matters. for us to have leadership, we have drawn strong homes and strong values and a commitment to our principles. we have to have an economy second to none. we have to of the military no
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one would think of testing. i will bring those three things back to america and keep america strong. if you agree with paul and me, and with these two great senators, that we cannot afford four more years of president obama, but we cannot spend four more years wondering if our kids will get a job, then i need you to find people who voted for obama and convince them to join our team. we will provide the jobs we need. the world needs american leadership. we do, and we will bring it. thank you very much. thank you. ♪
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hosted a form this morning and the role of journalists in fact checking political rhetoric. panelists include journalists from the issue she added press -- associated press. cleggime minister nick le will speak. we will the live at 10:30 eastern at the net nations general assembly. our coverage will also include british prime minister and egyptian president. and president obama holds a campaign rally in northeast ohio, live at 5:30 p.m. eastern. and about 45 minutes, we will look of the issue of foreign policy in this year's campaign. policy in this year's campaign. our guest

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